Pick your poison: How do you read cozy mysteries?


Believe it or not, my most common way of reading cozies is on my phone! This is why I like the shorter stories to read and to write. How about you? (Vote and see the results.)

How do you read most of your cozy mysteries?

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  1. Virginia Jones

    While I do prefer paperback, if it is a favorite author, I will buy hardcover. My eyes get too tired reading ebooks.

  2. John P. - Miami, OK

    We actually have both a Nook and a Kindle, but prefer the Nook – Much more user friendly!

  3. Katey Yeats

    Will read 99.9% of my books in paperback. Vastly prefer reading them this way. Will almost NOT read a book if it is only available in Kindle or Nook or whatever ebook.

  4. Judy

    Love Kindle text to speech…I listen to books…

  5. Vicki Highley

    I prefer books that way I can take them and not worry about damaging them. I not like reading books on my phone. I have a Kindle, but don’t use it much. Besides my mom loves cozies and with a book I can pass it on to her to read.

  6. Cheryl L Patterson

    I love reading ebooks. I didn’t think I would, but the ease of use has won me over! Don’t want to think about not having access to audio files.

  7. Thomas Palmer

    I Like and prefer hardcover and paperback novels, but after my ex gave away over 300 of my books, I now mainly use eBooks, I use a computer, tablet and smart phone. I have the Kobo app, and the Kindle app on all three, I also have a apps called Adobe Digital Editions, and Cool Reader for the eBooks that were downloaded for free and will not open with either of those apps. I now have close to 900 ebooks.

  8. Ann

    Cozy mystery books, however they come! Are such a delight to read! They have fun characters with smart cats usually! No bad language and just plain fun to read!

  9. Sally

    I love readingebooks, my husband bought me my first eReader and I was in love with it r away I can toss it in my purse when I go somewhere an it takes up hardly any space. I just over my cozy mystery books and have about 500 books on my Tablet

  10. Diane

    I have a nook and iPad and iPod with a kindle app and nook app. I read on nook in sunshine and iPad or iPod after dark. I am avid reader f mystery and court room drama and pretty much nothing else. I get annoyed with books that are not edited well.

  11. Vanessa

    I have tons of doctor apps almost weekly, so on my phone is the easiest way for me to read. I read fast, so it’s easy to just download books when I want.

  12. Ryan Schukei

    I like reading Kindle the best but both of my Kindles don’t work and I need a new one or get them fixed. I currently use my iPhone to read and iPad to download.

  13. Janet M.

    I love my Kindle. No backlight so it’s really easy on the eyes.

  14. Brian Anderson

    I only read on Kindle programs.

  15. Judy Johnson

    Love my Kindle, always have books with me or easily accessible!

  16. Joan

    Love my kindle its so easy Its great having so many great authors I just love to read. Also get to know them it’s great

  17. micielle

    I like kindle but also like paperback.

  18. Connie Edwards

    I have problems reading small print so I go to the library for the large print books. I also borrow their e-books. I use a Kindle and sometimes download to my cell phone. I love to read any way I can get books and travel with them.

  19. Sue Hieber

    Hand held hard or paper, shiny new or old, ragged and well read from a giveaway or yardsale, etc. I Love books. One mystery after another!! Cozies are the bomb!! I am usually reading at least four at a time, I don’t carry books from place to place, I might lose one,(OH NO!!). I have them in specific places, gym bag, my TV chair,(for commercials), my bed, my office area, and on Mr. John. Lol

  20. kat

    Started reading on Kindle when one of my authors that I read went to e books only now I read on overdrive too but still read book books too I love the feel of a book in my hand

  21. Connie Edwards

    I like to read on my Kindle. I need large print books which are harder to find and I can get on my Kindle but I prefer books to read. I like the feel and smell of books.

  22. Nola Roden

    Although I prefer reading on my Kindle there are some books that I prefer to read in either paperback or hardcover. I cannot however read on my computer due to neck problems.

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