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Murder at the Pool Party

A Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery (Book 7)

Free-spirited sexagenarian Georgie Kaye is feeling hemmed in by the men in her life. Ex-husband Stan keeps dropping in unannounced and the other man in her life seems eager to move their relationship forward. What is Georgie to do? Join a singles group of course!

Excellent over 50 is a group that looks promising. It offers a mature people a chance to meet folks their own age while enjoying good company and great food.

Aleta and Georgie are ready for anything when a woman they just met is rushed to hospital and later dies.

Georgie doesn’t hesitate to make waves as she investigates the party attendees and straightens out the men in her life with her usual flair.

Enjoy dogs, desserts and laughs galore in Georgie’s latest adventure.


Welcome Cozy Mystery Readers

Hello and thanks for visiting! I am a cozy mystery author who is finally living my dream of being able to write what I love, thanks to you – my loyal readers. I currently live in Texas for part of the year and spend the rest of the year traveling and writing. I fell in love with mystery books when I first started reading Agatha Christie eons ago. It only took me a few decades to gather the courage to try my hand at writing them.

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