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Crêpe Murder

A Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery (Prequel)

It is springtime in Paris and Ashley’s in love. Everything is perfect until her world comes crumbling down around her.
The long-awaited prequel to the Seagrass Sweets series.

It is springtime in Paris and Ashley Adams in love, visiting the city of her dreams. Her boyfriend Serge is busy with work, so she treats herself to a cooking class, learning how to make all the best French pastries.

Then the police come knocking on her door, accusing Ashley of being a computer hacker, responsible for the theft of almost a million Euros and her bubble bursts.
Serge is missing and has been framing Ashley all along to take the fall for his criminal activities.
To stay out of trouble, Ashley begins working at a café, L’Oiseau Bleu, with a reserved Francophile named Patty LaFontaine;

Things are beginning to look up, until a crêpe vendor is found dead, Patty is arrested for his murder, and Ashley hustles to clear her own name after again coming on the police’s radar.

Ashley has her hands full as she tries to clear her name, look after a rescue puppy that follows her everywhere, and prove Patty’s innocence.

Yearning to be back home in America Ashley bakes her way to a solution of all the problems.

Fans of the Seagrass Sweets cozy mystery series will enjoy this prequel that sets the stage for Ashley’s return to her hometown in Texas. This can be read as a stand-alone, and would also make a great introduction to the Seagrass Sweets Series.


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